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Drop(shot) the Bass a Line!

White Bear Lake Drop Shot

When the summer heat cranks up, I choose to dial down from the heavy rods and line and begin probing the depths with my drop shot rig. Many fishermen will chase big bass lurking under thick milfoil mats, flipping 1 ounce weighted creature baits or heavy jigs on 50 pound braided line and using 8 […]

Stickbaits For Post-Spawn Lunkers

6.0 Post Spawn Largemouth Stick Bait

Are you utilizing soft plastic stick baits during the post-spawn period? If not, you really should be.  As the big females move off their nests, they are in feeding mode after expending much of their energy building a bed and producing their newest batch of offspring. On this particular outing I had been fishing shallow, […]

Springtime is Jerkbait Time

Spring jerkbaits for bass

In spring, there is nothing more exciting or productive than casting jerkbaits long distances then using a methodical jerk retrieve over flats for bass. I think back on a tournament a few years ago, where my partner and I pulled up on a flat with 5 or 6 other tournament boats. I immediately reached for […]

A Five Bass Limit With One Cast?

I was just about to throw out a recent Bassmasters magazine, when I quickly paged through it and stopped on the article on fishing the Alabama Rig.  One NY angler, Ken Goulb, has discovered how deadly the A-Rig can be on Smallmouth, when he caught a 5 fish limit weighing 19lbs-7oz.  With just one cast! […]