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The Anatomy of a Craw Tube

Anatomy of a Craw Tube

A Dissection of the Craw Tube Reveals: Compact Tube Body:  A solid head and compact body make the Craw Tube an ideal flipping and cover pitching bait. Big Craw Profile:  Big claws get noticed by big bass. Ribbed Body:  Enhanced feel, and agitates the water. Full Skirt:  Adds bulk and subtle, tantalizing action.

Brown Bagging for Mille Lacs Smallmouth

Trophy Mille Lacs Smallmouth - 19.5in

Despite being completely defeated on my last Mille Lacs outing, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity at catching a potential state record smallmouth. We fished just a couple hours on both Saturday June 30th, and Sunday July 1st. The weather on Saturday was very warm, some overcast and 5-10 mph wind. Since fishing wasn’t my […]

Bass Fishing Rod or Walleye Rod?

Originally posted on My passion for fishing isn’t all about catching fish…it’s a passion for the tackle, rods, reels, boats, and gear. As a bass tournament angler, I need to trust that the equipment I am using is reliable, tough, and versatile. As a father of two young children, I need to be responsible […]

Mille Lacs Smallmouth

Mille Lacs Smallmouth

Pro-staffer Carl Spande recently fished up on Mille Lacs Lake, known mostly for it’s Walleye and Muskie fishing, but is also a killer Smallmouth fishery. On this day Carl and his dad fished with Green Pumpkin Halo Tubes, and Green Pumpkin 5″ Dead Sticks. Carl caught a few Smallies on the Halo Tube, while his […]

Three New Baits for 2011

Tonka Tackle is proud to announce the addition of 3 new baits to our lineup for 2011. In addition to the versatile 5-1/2″ Finesse Worm, we are now offering 5″ Dead Sticks, 4″ Halo Craw Tubes, and 4″ Halo Tubes. Each new bait has it’s owns strengths and situations where it will shine, and catch […]