Craw Tubes Net a TOC Win

Island Lake Smallmouth

Not long after Kent Mittelstaedt shared his high finish at the TOC on Island Lake, I read a story about the tournament in a Duluth outdoorsman’s blog.

I was pleased to read about the winning angler crediting Craw Tubes for many of the smallmouth bass he weighed in.

Lindgren described the smallmouth bite on Island Lake as “real light.”

“I used a finesse approach,” he said. “I was throwing Lake Fork craw and craw tubes in 3 ½ to 5 feet,” he said.

While he didn’t mention our brand specifically, the baits themselves are identical to our 4.0 Halo Craw Tubes.

I’m not at all surprised at the success Kent, Wayne (and others) had with these baits.

It reminded me of my eye opening intro to the craw tube at a TOC tournament a few years back.

Tournament Winning Smallmouth with Craw tubes

Tournament Winning Smallmouth

A Dock Fishing Clinic on Gull Lake

It was on Day 1 of my first MN BASS Federation TOC on Gull Lake, in 2006.  I was paired with a boater from West Central Bassmasters, a nice fellow by the name of John Zvorak.

He was nice enough to take me right to my best area and run the trolling motor.  It worked out nicely.  I spent a couple of hours running the trolling motor, and we both boxed a limit of largemouth.

While I’m sure John was happy with this result, he was just bidding his time, waiting for the sun to get higher.

We went out to some of his water, and over the next several hours he proceeded to put on a dock fishing clinic, skipping this big, ugly, black and blue bait into the dark corners of each dock.

John managed to completely cull out his morning limit with his dock fish, and his 15lbs was enough to be the Day 1 leader.

I was impressed.

New Colors and Bulk Option

It’s this kind of success that encourages TT to expand our offerings of this bait.  We now have an option for packs of bulk craw tubes, and in a few months look for several new colors in the lineup. [products ids=”1614″ skus=””]

Photo Credit:  Outdoors with Sam Cook

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