2012 Viking Invitational Results

4lb'r Flipped up in the Grass

I competed in the Viking invitational on Lake Minnetonka this past weekend.

It’s the final tournament of the year for me, and a fun way to end the year.

The week prior, I ditched work on a gorgeous Friday to get get some practice time in.  I tried a few things over the first half of the day that only yielded a few fish.

The afternoon was a different story.  I found a nice stretch of structure that held thick weeds, lots of bait, and a bunch of quality bass, while flipping craw tubes and other craw style baits.

Putting a Plan Together

I stayed on the trolling motor, catching fish after fish.  By the end of it, I had a half dozen way-points, a deck full of spent plastics, and an area I thought would be killer for the Viking tournament the next week.

Flipping Craw Tubes in the Grass

Fall Winds Blow

But the Fall season can turn on you in a flash.  We experienced  70 degree temps for 2 straight weeks, and like Fall does, the weather turned a few days before the tournament.

I could only hope the winds would lay down enough where I could stay on the grass bed and get those fish.

Tournament day saw 28 degree temps, and a chilling wind at take off.  We gave it a shot, but only lasted 45 minutes on that spot.  Just too cold!

Fortunately, I had a backup plan.  My partner and I were able to scrape together a limit of 10.3 lbs.   Definitely NOT what i was hoping for, but on a tough cold front day, limits were hard to come by.

1st place went to Jason Dudek and Paul Schwinghammer, with a 17.7 lb bag.

2012 Viking Invitational